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Wheat price in PakistanImportance of Wheat Crop in Pakistan

Wheat is the main food crop of Pakistan, dominating all crops in acreage and production. Wheat accounts for 37.1 % of the crop area, 65 % of the food grain acreage, and 70 % of the production. Mainly grown under irrigated conditions, wheat water requirements range from 20-21 in/acre.

The Indus Plains with their favorable topography, rich soil, and good agricultural facilities have a much greater acreage planted for wheat. In Pakistan, spring wheat is grown as a Rabi crop in the Sindh, Punjab, NWFP, and Balochistan provinces.

In the northern parts of Balochistan, some winter wheat is cultivated on a small scale. The wheat-growing area was 8.371 million hectares and production was 18.90 million tons in 1997-80.

The wheat crop is the most important food part of our lives. We use this food product regularly twice or three times a day. But unfortunately, wheat flour is not accessible to poor and needy persons. Wheat flour has become an unreachable food product for the poor people of Pakistan.

The major production area is in Punjab (71.17 %), followed by the Sindh province (13.38 %). However, the yield per acre is slightly higher in Sindh (2,410 kg) as compared to Punjab (2,316 kg). In Punjab, wheat is mostly grown on irrigated land.

Wheat Price in Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan has officially announced Rs 3900/- Per 40 KG bag price of wheat grain upcoming this season 2023.

In the last grain season, the official price was Rs 2200/- per 40 KG. But now in May 2023 Govt of Pakistan has officially announced new rates of wheat in Pakistan.

In the cabinet meeting, they raise the price from 2200 to 3900 per 40 KG bags in the next crop season 2023. That is the very best rate provided by officials for farmers.

The Govt. will purchase wheat crops from farmers at 3900 PER 40 KG in this crop season 2023. Below you will find various cities of Pakistan live wheat price updates online.

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