Whatsapp Service Down in Pakistan What Happened Whatsapp Service Stopped?

WhatsApp service stoppedWhatsapp Service Down in Pakistan

According to media news, Whatsaap Service is Down in Pakistan from 12:00 PM noon today. As per news by Whatsapp officials, they are working on WhatsApp service to restore it and people may enjoy sending and receiving messages service in Pakistan.

What Happened Whatsapp Service Stopped?

Actually, Users are facing problems while sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp today on Tuesday in various countries and parts of the world.

Meta Spokesperson is saying that they have received a large number of complaints about sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp users are around 2 billion from all over the world. Especially India and Brazil are the two main countries in which WhatsApp users are in large quantity.

Whatsapp temporarily blocked messaging service in Pakistan due to some problem in the system.

The Whatsapp team is recovering from this issue and maybe resolve it very early.


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