SNGPL Commercial Tariff Increased Per Unit Cost Rs 3763

SNGPL commercial tariffSNGPL Commercial Tariff Increased Per Unit Cost Rs 3763

Sui Northern Gas Pipe Line has increased the commercial tariff per unit for users. SNGPL commercial users were paid Rs 1283 rupees per unit.

But from 1st November SNGPL Commercial Tariff has been increased from Rs 1283 to Rs 3763 per unit. The price of the SNGPL Commercial Tariff has jumped up very much.

The commercial users were paying Rs 1283 per unit cost. But now SNGPL has converted commercial tariff from cheap to costly due to imported RLNG system.

SNGPL has asked commercial users to convert their contracts to an RLNG system instead of system gas. Other wise their connection will be discontinued.

Commercial Users belonging to hotels, bakeries, milk shops, tea stalls, canteens, Barbershops, laundries, shopping malls, owners of tandoors, etc will be suffered from this increased price. SNGPL has made this decision due to a shortage of natural gas and also to relieve imported gas costs.

SNGPL Per Unit Commerical Price Rs 3763 From 1st November 2022. Check out the full price of Commercial Tariff SNGPL users. The old price was Rs 1283 per unit. The new price is Rs 3763

Chart of SNGPL Commercial Tariff 1st November 2022

ProductPer Unit Price before NovemberPer Unit Price on 1st November 2022

SNGPL Commercial Gas

Rs 1283

Rs 3763


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