PTI Election Songs

PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) is the favorite Party for the Election in Pakistan. The celebrations of Party candidates during the election campaign come with beautiful PTI Songs all over Pakistan. Get latest PTI Election Songs 2018

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is the best emerging political party in Pakistan It was founded in 1996 by word cup winners for Pakistan in an international event national as cricket captain Imran Khan. PTI is the most speedily increasing political party in Pakistan.

This party has created a tri-party system, in which it is in opposition to both the leftist People’s Party and the conservative PML-N. We don’t share any songs and you can Election Campaign mp3 mp4 Video Download online.

Here we share the List of PTI Election Songs 2024 that are singing all over Pakistan.

Best  PTI Election Songs :

  • Rok Sako To Rok Lo Pti Song By Imran Ismail Shahzaman Jawad

  • Banay Ga Naya Pakistan By Atta Ullah Khan

  • Saaf Chali Shafaf Chali By Rahat Fate Ali Khan

  • Waya Waya Pti Pashto Song By Musharaf Bangash

  • Insha Allah Naya Pakistan By Junaid Jamshed, Salman Ahmad, Shahi & Nusrat

  • Koi Yeh Na Samjhe Pti Election Song

  • Leader Hamara Khan Hai By Afshan Zaibe Pti Song

  • Dil Main Ho Neeyat Saaf Rahay Insaaf Kahay New Pti Songs

  • Pashto Pti Song By Mohammad Shafi Esar

  • Muskurata Rehta Hoon Pti Song

  • Ab Sirf Imran Khan New Pti Song

  • Gul Panra Pashto New Pty Songs

  • Mian de naray song download mp3

  • Rok Sako Tu Rok Lo Tabdili Ai Re Imran Ismail PTI Song

  • Khan De Naray Dj Butt New Song (Go Nawaz Go)

  • Adyala Jail Vekh Kardi Tera Nayan New Pti Song

  • Insaf Ki Jang (Chalo Imran Ke Sath) Pti Song

  • Imran Na Ana Ae (Bhave Sir Di Bazi Lag Jave) Pti New Song 2018

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