PLRA Online Booking Appointment 2023 For Land Fard

PLRA Punjab online booking

PLRA Online Booking Appointment 2023 For Land Fard

The Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) established an online appointment e-ticket system in 2023 to facilitate citizens of Punjab province. e-token or e-ticket system meaning if you do not have enough time to go to your PLRA center for online fard.

Please open PLRA online appointment link on your mobile handset and provide your basic information to approach for PLRA online appointment.

This way you can choose your own time to visit the PLRA center. So, you can save time according to your PLRA Online Booking Appointment 2023. You can take your land fard or any other necessary works against your land.

Book Your Appointment PLRA

Please choose your option for online appointment in the Type of Appointment. 1st of all if you want to get fard, choose fard (فرد), or If you want to Mutation (انتقال) choose mutation from the appointment link.

Then select your district and choose your nearest Arazi Record Center. After that provide appointment booking dates which you desire and then select your own time.

After that, you should provide your name, contact number, CNIC an appointment for service. Then click on book appointment and you will receive the appointment number for PLRA on your mobile phone.

How to Book an Appointment PLRA For Fard?

Here you will find a method to book an appointment at PLRA for fard. You can check PLRA step by step for online appointment 2023.


2-Choose Fard / Mutation

3- Select Your District

4- Select Arazi Record Center

5- Select the Date

6- Select Time

7- Provide Name, Mobile No CNIC & Email Address

8- Click on Book Appointment

For more information visit PLRA official website


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