PIFRA Salary Slip Registration for Govt Employee Procedure Online

PIFRA is an online system made by the Government of Pakistan. PIFRA helps people who work for the government keep track of their money. So, if you or any family member works for the government, they can use PIFRA to see how much they get paid every month. It’s like getting a report card but for your salary!

Before PIFRA, people had to wait for a paper that told them how much money they made. Sometimes that paper could get lost or have mistakes. But now, with PIFRA, they can just go online and see everything clearly. It’s like checking your game scores but for grown-up stuff like money!

So, if you know someone who works for the government, tell them about PIFRA Salary Slip Registration. It’s a super helpful tool that makes life easier for everyone!

Try out the complete Govt Employees PIFRA Salary Slip E-mail Registration Process Online. All Government department employees in Pakistan, Male and Female, including teachers, instructors, medical practitioners, gazetted officials, and clerks starting all departments need to get a hold of the salary slip. Then the Government of Pakistan Department of Finances provides a chance for all employers, especially Punjab educators, pay slips and salary slip online for Punjab govt employees to receive their Monthly payroll and every month September 2023 Pifra salary slip using the net PIFRA website.

Right now HEC News is displaying your complete process for online registering PIFRA Salary Slip and regular payroll by Govt website.

PIFRA Salary Slip – PIFRA Registration Online Complete Method.

Pifra Registration for Monthly Salary Slip Guide -

PIFRA Abbreviation is (Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing)

Consider this Information for getting the Pifra salary slip registration here. The Pifra registration form and complete tutorial is given below. Read carefully and complete each step for pifra salary slip registration form online.

First, hit the Services tab or move over the mouse cursor to the services link.

Then Hit on the Online PIFRA Salary Slip

How to Email Register Pay Slip of Government Employees online method


Visit the website link https://www.fabs.gov.pk

Choose your personal information like

You can see the first tab, Government. Select your province code, like Punjab, to write P

F = Federal, N = For KPK Govt, S = For Sindh, B = For Balochistan, P = For Punjab, DGP = For District Govt Punjab, K = For Kashmir, GB = For Gilgit Baltistan, GBC = For GB Council, C = For Kashmir Council

1. Pick outclass in which you are performing and type in Government Code box P= for Punjab

2. Put the Employee Personnel # Number in the next box.

3. Enter Your New CNIC Number.

Note: whenever you enter your CNIC number, your full name automatically looks up on the screen. It means you are entered the correct CNIC number.

4. Enter your Date of Birth next cell box. If you place the correct date of birth, it appears on the screen ok. If you entered incorrectly, your form could not proceed further.

5. Enter your current Mobile Number. It produced difficulties if you mention the network changed its Mobile number.

Then press the main button at the end of the form for confirmation. The pifra.gov.pk online registration will be done through the following link. Check the complete form online at this link https://m.pifra.gov.pk/salaryslip_emp#


When you press the verification button, the next page appears on the screen then, type your proper email address twice and hit enter from the keyboard, and if you are utilizing a smartphone, Press the “GO” button from your mobile phone.

Complete the form correctly, then SMS will receive your mobile phone number, and next month your salary slip will consist of all allowance information like Medical, house rent, pension, payroll, and fund information to send you by the Pifra in your email address.

The user has completed the total treatment to sign up for Pifra Pay Rol Salary Slip online and get the Government Employees (Sarkari Mulazmeen payslip) Registration on the net Pay Slip from the email address upon each month.

Subsequently, you can log in to your Gmail ID and have a salary slip quickly with pay all allowance details, GP funds information, bank accounts, Pension amount, payroll, medical amount, house rent, and other allowances details of all departments.

It appears in PDF Files. One could open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader to install your computer. Just how Can create a salary slip online pifra.gov.pk.

Register PIFRA Salary Slip of Government Employees 2023 by PIFRA.GOV.PK

Complete  the form by properly adding information on what to provide already to the department

  • All Province (Punjab, Sindh,  Azad Kashmir, Balochistan, Sarhad, (KPK) Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit)
  • The Employee must be a member of the Government Department
  • The Employee has its Employee Number
  • CNIC Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile Number #
  • Gmail Address

PIFRA Payroll Salary right here, and Government Employees Salary  Create Account help you for Govt Employees Salary Slips Online Download.

The pifra salary slip registration online is simple, and you have had not to issue during the sign-up process unless the internet is working and the webserver has no issue.

Now anyone can easily make an account Pifra salary slip online. Now PIFRA URL links with FABS (Financial Accounting and Budgeting System).

The FABS Provides a payslip, free registration, and PIFRA payroll Salary Slip. It provides information on How to create the PIFRA email application process, Pifra email registration for Govt teachers, completely downloads govt employee PIFRA salary slip online, and how can sign up in pifra.gov.pk for salary slip and Teachers Salary Pay Slip Email Register procedure. The current PIFRA Salary Slip Registration 2023 can be seen at your Email Address.

When you face any difficulty in registration on the PIFRA website, then you can create your queries to get a solution by hecnews.com.

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