FBR NTN Verification by CNIC in Pakistan Online

How to get NTN no FBR Pakistan

NTN Verification by CNIC in Pakistan FBR Online

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) issues an NTN number to each taxpayer in Pakistan. If a person registered on e FBR portal and he/she is also a filer so, in this case, FBR provides a unique number as National Tax Number which is called NTN.

Each person who is registered on FBR for taxation has a separate number. Some persons have no idea how to get NTN verification from FBR. In this article, you will find a simple method for NTN Verification by CNIC in Pakistan FBR Online.

The FBR online NTN verification system will show your NTN number just by providing CNIC on the FBR web portal which I will provide you below for your easy access. Get also FBR JOBS online.

The National Tax Number is not only for a person but also for a registered business/firm or a company. That is the same rule to get your NTN verification by CNIC in Pakistan FBR for each business or personal.

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IRIS FBR gov pk Verification

The Federal Board of Revenue in Pakistan uses iris verification as a biometric identity method (FBR). To validate a person’s identification, this technology uses unique patterns in their iris, which is the colored region of the eye. For security and identification purposes, this technology is used to confirm the identity of taxpayers, passengers, and other persons.

The iris verification system is a safe and effective method of preventing identity fraud and ensuring that the person being confirmed is who they say they are.

How to register for Iris FBR?

You may register for Iris FBR verification in Pakistan by following these steps:

  • Go to the FBR Iris portal at https://iris.fbr.gov.pk/.
  • On the home page, click the “New Registration” option.
  • Put up your personal information, such as your name, CNIC number, and contact information, on the registration form.
  • Submit a JPEG or PDF image of your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).
  • From the drop-down option, select your desired FBR Regional Tax Office (RTO).
  • Accept the service’s terms and conditions.
  • To submit your registration application, click the “Register” button.
  • You will receive a confirmation message on the screen and through email after you have successfully registered. You will also be given a
  • Token ID, which you must use.

An individual or salary-gazetted person who has an NTN number must show on their salary slip that considered a person has deducted or her income tax regularly. So, similarly, a firm or businessman has also an NTN number so which shows that this firm or businessman also pays Income Tax to Government regularly. The online NTN verification fbr is simply working in few steps. That we are going to discuss.

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How to Get NTN Verification by CNIN

Now I am telling you about using NTN verification by CNIC in Pakistan FBR online. This is a very simple way to get your NTN Number online by just providing your CNIC. How to Check My NTN No by CNIC. The e.fbr.gov.pk/esbn/Verification website will go to this verification for your.

Here you will find NTN No using CNIC

  • Open fbr official website
  • Click on 1st link which is Online Verification System
  • Click on Taxpayer Profile Inquiry
  • Choose CNIC from the Parameter Type
  • Provide CNIC Number in Registration No.
  • At last enter the security code that will be generated automatically
  • Click on Verity
  • You will receive your NTN Verification by CNIC
  • Click on print and print it out.

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NTN Verification by Passport No

  • Go to Taxpayer Profile Inquiry in FBR Online Verification System
  • Choose Passport No and then provide your passport number in Registration no. Then enter the security code. Click verify to get your NTN number online by passport number.
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