Nadra Pakistan CNIC & SNIC Fee Details

Find (National Database & Registration Authority) Nadra Pakistan CNIC & SNIC Fee Details online for making urgent and regular shanakhti card in Pakistan. Nadra Smart ID Card NADRA’s Online CNIC Service complete Urdu Fee detail. Get the full detail of Nadra Smart Card / Fee / Delivery Time all over the Pakistan. National Identity Card and Smart National ID Card in Pakistan Regular and Urgent Free Structure. Get Fee Structure NADRA Pakistan Detail

CNIC & SNIC Fee Details by Nadra

New CNIC011502150
CNIC Modification40011502150
CNIC Duplicate40011502150
CNIC Renewal40011502150
New Smart NIC75015002500
Smart NIC Modification75015002500
Smart NIC Duplicate75015002500
Smart NIC Renewal75015002500
CNIC Cancellation (Due to death)50
CRC New/Duplicate/Modification50500

Fee Details of NICOP/SNICOP

Zone A
New NICOP$36 (USD)$54 (USD)$72 (USD)
NICOP Modification$36 (USD)$54 (USD)$72 (USD)
NICOP Duplicate$36 (USD)$54 (USD)$72 (USD)
NICOP Renewal$36 (USD)$54 (USD)$72 (USD)
New Smart NICOP$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Modification$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Duplicate$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Smart NICOP Renewal$39 (USD)$57 (USD)$75 (USD)
Zone B
New NICOP$17 (USD)$27 (USD)$37 (USD)
NICOP Modification$17 (USD)$27 (USD)$37 (USD)
NICOP Duplicate$17 (USD)$27 (USD)$37 (USD)
NICOP Renewal$17 (USD)$27 (USD)$37 (USD)
New Smart NICOP$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)
Smart NICOP Modification$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)
Smart NICOP Duplicate$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)
Smart NICOP Renewal$20 (USD)$30 (USD)$40 (USD)

For clearance of Multiple/duplicate:

Zone B
Similar Particular or particular with slight difference$10 (USD)Zone (A,B)
With diffirent particular$250 (USD)Zone A countries
With diffirent particular$120 (USD)Zone B countries
Similar Particular or particular with slight differenceRs.1000Inland
With diffirent particularRs.10,000Inland

Documentation Required to CNIC Processing:

If you are going to put an application to Nadra CNIC & SNIC then you must bring these credentials to the Nadra Franchise or Nadra head office.

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Old NIC/MNIC
  3. Matriculation Certificate
  4. CNICs of immediate/blood relatives
  5. Citizenship certificate issued by MOI

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