Most Know Events of the Pakistan defense

Flourishes and loyalty while confirming straightness becomes part of the soil. A magical story of the brief war in 1965 over the status of a nation is suddenly unable to attack it by their determination and courage in defeat.  Pakistan defense is most bravely day for Pakistani nation.Military history of Pakistan

Bravery and courage of the soldiers and when new stories written word poets who  , encouraging ordinary people to the moon, when it was time for a typical 80-year-old house was digging a trench. Mothers and sisters would ask prayer mat to sit on, and the nation has a soul and a matrix. And the great man of the world who expressed enthusiasm will be missed. Today’s young generation just a few events that can warm your hearts not only the stability of Pakistan but Pakistan will be the means.  Find the best Most Know Events of the Pakistan defense.

The first fire of 1965 and the first Martyr

Author R. Shahid his book   homeland ” After much research I presented the story of the martyrs. He’s 3 o’clock in the morning of September 6 to 45 minutes to Lahore from India, which dropped a shell came from India can be seen as the first fire. SJ exists on the PC platoon commander Mohammad Shiraz were alarmed and began firing from the Indian side on. Mohammad Shiraz fire and the two sides exchanged fire started from the beginning of September the historical battle. Fighting was so fierce that the Indian soldiers began throwing grenades came. Although the attack was spontaneous but the courageous soldiers of the competition. When the bombs need to help the soldiers creep and creep forward when the soldiers were handed grenades. Meanwhile, Mohammad Shiraz killed by the bullets of the enemy won the war dead became the first of September.

The biggest battle of tanks

Although World War II tanks were used in countless countries, but much lower in the 1965 war, nearly 600 tanks took part. Indians were included in the Centurion tank. In terms of numerical superiority India had a lot of weapons and tanks to defeat the soldiers of Pakistan to protect the homeland with bombs strapped to their chests and destroyed tanks lay down and defused them. Place the tanks in India caunda cemetery known as the Pakistani soldiers have joined the ranks of India’s base their strategies had failed. The Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed courage and dignity in the battle of the new playbook.

Haider winners of the martyr, Major Aziz Bhatti

Major Aziz Bhatti b canal with its blending of the firm, which wanted to capture Indian forces. India September 7 attack him with full force, and Major Aziz Bhatti and Maj Shafqat Baloch, only 110 soldiers from the brigade of India detained 10 hours day and night stood on the front. It’s nerve-wracking battle entered the fifth day on September 12 by the time the invasion of India Major Aziz Bhatti had stopped. Go ahead Pakistani soldiers and tanks were stuck on a recall was necessary.  died at the age of martyred.

Younis Khan Shaheed

Another hero of the 1965 killing of Younis Khan will live in big letters.India Pathankot air base he attacked and their expertise in the Indian air force destroyed 15 planes and other aircraft, including Canberra.       India in its aircraft fleet up to 15 aircraft which   were burned irreparable damage to the enemy.

Shot in the chest determination

Exciting battle in 1965 over the treatment of wounded soldiers deployed Brig (Retd) Saleem ISPR issue where victory is written in the second day of the war brought on a stretcher a long trnga military was murmuring in his shaky voice He shot her in the chest, the doctor promised but were unable to find out where it is on fire. Was losing his breath and blood pressure was falling. The leg wound was opened fire from a hole in the stomach, tearing the skin known. Then suddenly learned that the bullet that hit his chest is the desire. After confirming that the soldiers took his last breath and was martyred.

Where the victory when the appeals for blood donations, and the desire of a city that had poured the blood of soldiers deployed. I needed blood wounds and injuries sustained major veins were hurt coming out of the hospital, the floor was covered in a blood-red cloak. According to him, the victim often by upheavals remained calm until the last breath. They ask for help and prayed for the security of Pakistan.

Treatment of prisoners of war.

A Pakistani major Indian military on the front and it was found seriously injured soldiers were left. He was wounded several days under a bridge that was picked up by a Pakistani major, watered and promised that if he is on a mission, but treatment must return it to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH ) will take and the promise was fulfilled. Lahore Indian soldier was wounded and is recovering after several months of treatment not being treated the wound had become a menace.

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