LPG Gas Price per KG in Pakistan LPG Cylinder Price Today

lpg cylinder price pakistanLPG Gas Price per KG in Pakistan LPG Cylinder Price Today

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG Gas Price per KG in Pakistan) has been increased by OGRA (Oil & Gas Regularity Authority Government of Pakistan.

LPG Cylinder Price Today has increased at the end of July 2022. According to media news, LPG Gas prices per KG in Pakistan have been increased up to 10 rupees per kg.

LPG Gas is used in Pakistan as domestic fuel. LPG is also used in rickshaws and vehicles in spite of Petrol or diesel.

LPG is the cheapest source of fuel other than petrol or diesel. But nowadays LPG Cylinder Price Today 11.800 kg has been increased in Pakistan from 2590 to 2830 today in July 2022.

LPG Gas Price per KG in Pakistan

LPG Rate                                                  Today Price                        Previous Price

LPG Per KG                                                      240                                     220

Cylinder Price 11.800 KG                                2830                                   2590

LPG Commercial Cylinder 45.4 KG                 10896                                  9990

What are the Advantages or Disadvantages of LPG Gas?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG Gas is used commonly for domestic or commercial. LPG gas is the best way for household needs where SNGPL or SSGPL gas connection is not available.

As compared LPG cylinder gas is more expensive than other Connection Gas by SNGPL or SSGPL. But on the other way, this is the best way to use it in a kitchen or restaurant. Because woods are expensive for household or commercial use.

Government should take notice to decrease LPG prices in Pakistan. These days when the winter season has not yet come in Pakistan, LPG gas has reached its peak price.

So, when the winter season comes LPG gas shortage will increase automatically according to the use of LPG gas in households or commercial. Keeping in view the prices of LPG gas will increase in the winter season. You can also print SNGPL Duplicate bills here. Online SNGPL Sui Gas Duplicate Bills Download/Print

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