Life Certificate for Pensioners Download Online PDF

Pensioner Life Certificate

Pensioner Life Certificate:

If you are a pensioner and worried about Pensioner Life Certificate Form PDF and life certificates then open the below link to download Lifer Certificate for Pensioner. Aslam o Elaikum I am the admin and giving you such unique information about Life Certificate.

What is a Life Certificate?

A life certificate means an affidavit given by you to your Banks or Post officers or where you take your Pension. A life Certificate is necessary because this is an affidavit given by you that you are still alive.

Why does Life Certificate need?

I asked you a Life Certificate is a key to show banks/post offices that you are alive. So, a Life Certificate is necessary because Govt. wants to find out if some persons are taking a deceased person’s pension or taking themselves.

Govt. is bearing a huge amount in providing pension every month to pensioners. They have concluded the problem of bogus pensions. Therefore they ordered all bank branches to collect Life certificates and also biometric thumb verification in the person of pensioners urgently.

How do you get a life certificate?

Life Certificate is very easy to get online. is providing you Life Certificate for pensioners in Pakistan. Download it and submit it before receiving your pension this month March 2022.

All bank branches have temporarily blocked pensioners’ accounts. They are asking all pensioners to bring a Life Certificate along with and also biometric thumb verification.

Can a life certificate be given online?

Surely Life Certificate for pensioners can be given online easily. Just click the below link to download and take a print. After taking a print you must fill up your basic pensioner’s related detail.

How to Fill Life Certificate?

It’s very easy to fill Life Certificate. First of all, provide Name of Pensioners, then Father Name, CNIC and PPO No or (Personal No) issued by AG Office. After providing this detail gives the pensioner a thumb impression or signature. Then write down the date when a pensioner is alive.

Life Certification For Pensioners Download PDF

Who Signed on Life Certificate?


What is the last date of life certificate for pensioners in 2022?

Banks have temporarily blocked your pension accounts. So, please provide Life Certificate urgently to your bank branch. After biometric completion, you are able to take your pension amount from your bank branch.

life certificate for pensioners Pakistan

Dear Sir/Madam you can download here below the life certificate for pensioners in Pakistan. This life certificate is provided to you all over Pakistan. Download life certificate online in PDF format or MS word.

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