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LPC Form XLS downloadLast Pay Certificate Download PDF Online

What is the Last Pay Certificate

When a Government servant transfer from one place to another place Last Pay Certificate is issued by the previous place’s DDO or office. LPC or Last pay certificate shows that Govt. the servant who is leaving this office/organization has taken his/her own salary from this office etc. After providing LPC (Last Pay Certificate) he/she may join the next place and show his/her LPC for the new place’s salary change. All respective A.G offices require LPC for salary change. Download Change Form

Last Pay Certificate in PDF Format

There are many ways to get a copy of the Last Pay Certificate. To facilitate people I am sharing your Last Pay Certificate in PDF Format. You just need to download it and print it on A4 size paper. You don’t need to set up or change your printer margin. I already made this LPC on A4 size keeping in view that most offices are using A4 size paper to print. Here below is the link to download the Last Pay Certificate in PDF Online.

Last pay Certificate in Excel Format

If you are using M.S Excel, you can download the Last Pay Certificate in the XLS file. If you want to enter Servant all entries and don’t want to write by hand after printing in PDF format. This is a very easy way to print it in Excel Format. Download the Last Pay Certificate in Excel format online.

Last Pay Certificate in Word Format

Here in this paragraph, you will find the Last Pay Certificate in M.S word format. You can download it as it is before filling or after filling the Last Pay Certificate in word format. Get an online Last Pay Certificate MS Word online. Some peoples have amazing skills in ms word. So keeping in view I am providing you with the Last Pay Certificate in MS Word.

How to Fill Last Pay Certificate

If you want to fill Last Pay Certificate. It’s a very simple way to fill out the Last Pay Certificate online. Just keep in mind that you must have Salary Slip to fill up the Last Pay Certificate form. Complete Last Pay Certificate by using Basic Pay, House Rent, Conyance Allow, Medical Allow, SSB Allow, Adhoc Allow 16, 17.19,21, etc, and complete other requirements keeping view Salary Slip. PIFRA Salary Slip Registration

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