How to Get Nadra Covid Vaccine Certificate In Pakistan 2023

vaccine certificate NADRA

How to get a covid vaccine certificate in Pakistan NADRA

Govt. of Pakistan has taken serious notice to prevent all people of Pakistan from COVID-19 disease. As you know that Cov-19 is a very harmful disease and has become approximately more than 9260000 cases. Covid 19 active cases are approximately 53000 and death 21000.

Therefore Govt. of Pakistan has decided to vaccinate its people. 1st of all facility centers for vaccination have been established all over Pakistan. Now Govt. employees have also taken Corona Vaccine ordered by a higher authority.

When a Govt. servant has completed Corona Vaccine from the nearest vaccine center. He or She does not have any proof to show his completion of the vaccine but just an SMS on his mobile.

Keeping in view National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) with the collaboration of NIMS System has issuing nadra vaccination certificate online.

Now everybody who has completed vaccination can get nims covid vaccine certificate. It is so simple and easy to get this certificate. nims nadra certificate will help you to show your complete vaccine from the facility center.

NIMS Nadra vaccination certificate Method has below link for NIMS Nadra Vaccination Certificate. Just click here below and give two basics information in columns. After that automatically Nadra Covid Vaccine Certificate will be generated online.

Please note that the official fee for the vaccination certificates is just Rs. 100

NIMS Covid Vaccine Certificate (CLICK HERE)

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