How to Earn Money to Sell Old Documents and Study Notes

earn money to sell documents

If you want to earn money online by selling your old notes and documents so you are searching right job. If you have a keen interest in How to Earn Money to sell old documents and stud notes.

So, please read carefully in this paragraph you will find the best websites with proof. How to Earn Money to Sell Old Documents and Study Notes

You can earn from a website a minimum of 10$ while you are selling your old notes or old documents.

This method is best for students to sell their old notes, model papers, old documents, Assignments, Quiz/ Exam preparation, class notes, and Multi-Languages content and can earn handsome money online.

Students can earn money to sell old documents and pay their fees and other study expenses from this online job. Sell your documents Assignments, quiz exams, Multi-Language content, and class notes in PDF and other formats online on studypool and earn money online. Studypool

How to Earn Money to Sell Old Documents and Study Notes


Studypool is the best website to earn money from selling your study documents. You can earn passive income from this website up to 5000$ per month.

This website shares your uploaded documents with millions of students. You can earn a minimum 10$ from your selling documents.

How to create Studypool account

If you want to earn money by selling your documents you just Sign Up on and sell documents.

If you want to create your studypool account just click here and provide your basic information. After completing your basic information please go to your email account for verification.

After clicking the link you are able to use studypool for selling your documents and study notes.

What Can I Sell on StudyPool

Quiz/Exam Preparation

If you want to earn money sell your old documents by providing quiz exam preparation documents. You can sell your Quiz/Exam Preparation documents for all categories.

You can even upload practice tests, exam preparation material & study guides can be helpful resources for students.

Old Assignments

If you have old assignments or past homework, projects, reports, presentation, papers, etc that can be best for students’ exam preparation upload and earn money online.

Class Notes:

If you have old class notes, you can upload them on studypool and make money online by this method.

Multi-Language Content

You can also upload Multi-Language Content for students who are preparing for exams online. For more information visit

How to withdraw money from studypool

You can withdraw your earnings money from studypool by the following method. You can get your money from Payoneer ( For all over the world), PayPal (For all over the world), Transfer wise, Western Union ( For all over the world), AHC & BANK Deposit (North America and Europe only), Through check and Mpesa (For Kenya).

I think Western Union is the best way to collect your money but it charges 10$ for each transaction. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 50$. So sign up with studypool and earn money by selling your old documents and study notes.

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