Ghee Prices in Pakistan 2022 Download All Companies List

today ghee prices in pakistanGhee Prices in Pakistan 2022

As you know Ghee prices in Pakistan have increased day by day. Everybody is very shocking day by day why Ghee Prices in Pakistan 2022 are increasing. So, here I am sharing famous ghee and oil companies’ lists updated for Ghee Prices in Pakistan 2022. You can check out Ghee prices in Pakistan per KG today in the wholesale market.

Ghee Prices in Pakistan 2022

Why Ghee Prices Increasing in Pakistan

As you know Dollar rates have been increased and you should know that palm oil which oil and ghee companies are used to complete this process can purchase as raw material from Malaysia. So, due to the increase in dollar price raw material has also become reached the top price. Similarly, petrol and diesel prices are also increasing then Ghee Prices automatically rising day by day by companies.

Due to the increasing ghee price in Pakistan, everybody is worried especially daily wages person. Who is earning 600 to 1000 per day cannot afford groceries on a daily basis. Govt. should take serious notice to control the prices of Ghee and oil in Pakistan.

Download Ghee Prices in Pakistan 2022 full chart list of various oil and ghee companies in Pakistan from below.

Product Name                   Weight                   Price

Kisan Ghee                         1 KG                       459

Shan Ghee                          1 KG                       630

Dalda Ghee                        1 KG                       655

Sultan Ghee                       1 KG                       590

Habib Ghee                        1 KG                       540

Golden Sun                        1 KG                       523

Mezan Ghee                      1 KG                       540

Kausar Ghee                      1 KG                       590

Sufi Ghee                           1 KG                       548

Tullo Ghee                          1 KG                       506

Above prices for ghee per kg may change on daily basis. So, these prices are for today only. You can get daily basis prices here and must visit this site regularly.

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