Fertilizer Price in Pakistan 2023 Download Rate List

Fertilizers Rates in PakistanFertilizer Price in Pakistan 2023 Download Rate List

A fertilizer or fertilizer is any natural or synthetic material applied to soil or plant tissues to supply plant nutrients. Fertilizers may be distinct from liming materials or other non-nutrient soil amendments. Fertilizers are the primary key to enhancing agriculture products.

Without fertilizer, farmers cannot gain crop quality and quantity nowadays. Pakistan is a rich country in the agriculture sector. Farmers grow crops in different ways according to their experience in the agriculture sector.

Our country has a name in the world for Sugar Cane, Rice, Cotton, grain, and all essential crops. We produce the best quality food to fulfill our basic needs.

Fertilizers price for farmers in the agriculture industry no doubt play a major role. Farmers for a long time in our country are not getting enough resources to meet their agricultural needs.

In our national market, a number of fertilizer companies produce quality chemicals at affordable rates. Fertilizer rates changes but not as quickly as other market products.

Fertilizers provide important nutrients to crops for their healthier growth in Pakistan. Fertilizers contribute a main part to increasing the yield of crops.

Nutrients and minerals that exist in these fertilizers play a major role in the development of crops. Here in this article, you will find the latest Fertilizer (Khad) prices of all famous companies which are available in Pakistan.

Fertilizers in all famous companies have been packaged in 50 KG bags. In this article below you will find all famous brands of Fertilizers companies’ latest updated rates in Pakistan.

Fertilizer Prices in Pakistan Today

Fertilizer/KhadAverage Price Per 50 KG Bag
Sona Urea PearldRs 2565
Sona Urea Pearld (25 KG)Rs 1285
SSP2000 to 2600
Sona Urea GranularRs 3050
SOP Granular FFCRs 11900 to 12300
MOP-FFCRs 11900 to 12300
Sarsabz NPRs 9380 to 9500
NPKRs 8000 to 8300
DAP (Sona Pakarab or FFC)Rs 11069
DAP-SarsabzRs 11550
Sarsabz CAN-GRs 2130
sarsabz CAN-FRs 2150
Sona Boran (3 KG Pack)Rs 950 to 1050
Sona Zinc Granular (3 KG Pack)Rs 2300 to 2350
Efert. Agritrade ZorawarRs 12190


Fertilizer Price in Pakistan February 2023

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