Dr Murad Raas inaugurate Item Bank System in Punjab Schools

pec item bank system in punjabDr. Murad Raas Provincial Education Minister of the Punjab School Education Department has to inaugurate Item Bank System to make a better education system in Government schools in Punjab.

Item Bank System was inaugurated by Dr. Murad Raas minister of education at Quaid headquarters Link wahdat road Lahore.

Dr. Murad Raas inaugurate Item Bank System

This Item Bank System was prepared by Punjab Examination Commission, School Education Department Punjab.

As you knew some years ago Punjab Examination Commission Item Bank System decided to finish exams for Grades 5th & Grade that PEC Board took in all districts of Punjab.

Punjab Examination Commission has abandoned taking exams Grade 5th & Grade 8th under PEC supervisory over the last few years.

Item Bank System in Punjab Schools

Now as per the decision by the Education Minister of Punjab Item Bank System has been launched in Punjab through Punjab Examination Commission.

Item Bank System Implements To Enhance Performance of Schools

Dr. Murad Raas also said that Item Bank System will show performance and results will also outcome after its implementation in Punjab for Grade 5th & Grade 8th Exams. This Item Bank System will improve the quality of education in all Punjab Govt Schools.

About Punjab Examination Commission

PEC – Punjab Examination Commission is providing a facility to take Grade 5th &Grade 8th exams since 2006. This organization also provides all basic facilities all over Punjab Govt schools to make better exam systems in Punjab.


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