Dow Medical Reports Check Online Duhs.Edu.Pk

dow lab reports onlineDow Medical Reports Check Online Duhs.Edu.Pk

In this article you can Dow Medical Reports Check Online Duhs.Edu.Pk. Dow Diagnostic Research and Reference Laboratory is a well-known and authentic medical lab in Pakistan.

If you do have not enough time to get your Dow lab reports from the Dow collection center. You can download Dow Medical Reports or Check Online through the Duhs.Edu.Pk web portal.

Dow University was established in 2007 and it has various collection centers across Pakistan. Dow lab reports are 100% valuable and Dow lab machinery has modern technology as compared to other medical labs.

Now you can check your lab reports online by just entering the patient number or case number through the Duhs.Edu.Pk portal.

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Dow Lab Reports Check Online 2023

If you are a patient of any kind and doctors recommend taking your blood samples for your desired check-up. So, please contact Dow Lab to check your blood samples for your disease assessment. I am preferring you to consult Dow medical lab for your assessment.

How to Check Dow Lab Reports Online

After submitting your blood samples or urine samples you can check your reports online through Dow Lab’s official web portal. Visit and provide the patient serial number and case number to get your dow lab medical reports online.

Dow Lab Contact Numbers

If you want to contact Dow Lab please dial 021 111 113 847 or 021 99215754-57 & 38771000 for any query about your patient reports or test history.

Dow Lab Test Charges

Here you can find Dow Lab Test Charges list 2023 for various reports through duhs online. The whole Dow Lab Test Charges are here.
IGM (ELISA) Dengue Virus: Rs 1000
Antibody identification and screening: Rs 1300
Whole Blood for various tests: Rs 1200

Are Dow Laboratory Test Results Authentic?

Yes, dow laboratory test results are authentic and recommended by various famous doctors. Doctors recommend checking out your reports by Dow Labs Karachi. Dow Lab Karachi was established at Dow University and now it has several branches and blood samples collection centers all over the country.

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