Payroll System Amendment Form Change Form Govt Employees

Change Form Pay 2The Payroll System Amendment Form or  Change Form is a very necessary form for all Govt Employees who are drawing salaries under Accountant General Pakistan from all districts.

This changed form is for countinousouly salaried persons who want to change/ modify their pay, allowances, or any other wrong entry.

The Payroll System Amendment Form is very simple to fill out. When somebody retired / transfers or in-service death salary stop Change Form must be submitted by the concerned DDO in the AG office to stop the salary from the concerned Drawing and Disbursement Officer (DDO).

Payroll amendment form or Change Form is commonly used for changing any entry which belongs to servant’s age, date of birth, or correction in date of entry into Govt Servant. basic pay or allowances.

Here you can download the Payroll System Amendment Form in all formats which you have required. Change form in MS Word. Change Form in PDF Format.

Change Form in JPEG or JPG format download online for free.

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change form ms word

PDF Format

Change Form Punjab Govt

Dear visitors you can download Change Form in Excel format now. Click the below link to download the Change Form XLS format online.

Change Form in Excel Format

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