BISE FSD Provide Multiple Online Services 2023

fsd board online serviceBISE Faisalabad has provided multiple online services 2023 for students and Govt employees.

Now it has become very easy for students, candidates, and Govt. employees to get access easily to online services. These services are very major for all of us.

I am giving you all detailed and full information about Faisalabad Board online services.

These services will help you with just a click and your relative information will be given to you online. You don’t need to go to Faisalabad Board Office.

Before these online services, you must go to the Faisalabad board office and it is not easy for everyone to go BISEFSD board because it is out of the city near Faisalabad Airport. Everybody seems to hesitate to go to this office far away from Faisalabad city.

So, BISEFSD has provided various facilities which will lose the working stress of staff who are in the office. Public dealing is not easy work. Therefore they have given the below facilities to the public.

  • Migration

If students migrate to other Schools or Colleges in the same district it is called migration. The migration process is very difficult because you must have to submit a migration form for the 9th class or 1st-year class in Board Noc brach.

Now they are giving you online services of Migration. Now you can get information about your submitting the application form for Migration. In this below link you can get migration status and online rejection of your migration application.

In their second option of migration form, you can fill online even on your android mobile handset. You need to read and fill all columns carefully.

After proofreading this online migration form you submit. After submitting this application form online form is automatically generated by the system and as well as the challah form of migration fee.

Submit the migration fee in any UBL (affiliated with BISEFSD) branch and submit this migration form along with the challan form in the NOC Branch of Fsd Board. One window operation of the NOC branch will provide you with migration the same day if there is no objection.

  • NOC (No Objection Certificate)

NOC No objection Certificate is the same as migration but it has some differences.

Actually, when a student passed matriculation or intermediate and wants to get admission to another board from BISEFSD he must need to get NOC from Faisalabad Board to another board.

NOC document is necessary for every student who gets admission to another board or another province of Pakistan. BISEFSD is giving Online Service NOC to get it very easily.

The below link is for NOC status and NOC Application. Now fill up your form easily by clicking the below link. This is a very simple form and everybody can fill it up online.

After filling up this NOC form download it and submit a fee of NOC using the online challan form to any UBL (affiliated by BISEFSD).

Please note that if you submit the NOC Challan fee in the BISEFSD Board Booth UBL board branch, you will be able to get NOC on the same day from NOC Branch.

2nd option is to check out your NOC Application Status. From this, you can get information about your NOC Submitted application acceptance or rejection. You don’t need to go to BISEFSD for information about your NOC.

  • File Tracking System

BISEFSD has also launched a File Tracking System online on Now you can get information about any application which you have submitted in BISEFSD.

When you have to submit any file and get a diary number. Please keep this diary no. in safe and get information about your application using the File Tracking System.

Input diary no in below link and get information and status of your application. If you dispatched any application belongs to you by post you can also get status and update of your application using registry no on File Tracking System.

  • Corrections

This is a very serious and major part of bisefsd. If anyone is facing problems of Name correction, Father Name Correction, Date of Birth, etc. BISEFSD correction online service is providing to people.

Now you can get online information/status about your correction cases. You can also get an online correction form.

After completing this online correction form for name, father name date of birth, etc you must submit this application form along with the challan form to General Branch BISEFSD.

After proceeding with your application BISEFSD board will issue you a correction letter. You must reach in time along with documentary proof to get your case perfectly.

  • Duplicate Certificates

If you lost your matriculation/intermediate certificates or sanads while you are traveling or you lost these documents burnt. You must need duplicate certificates BISEFSD.

This is a very important question that how can we get duplicate sands and certificates. There are two types of Duplicate Certificates.

1st is ordinary and 2nd is urgent. If you submit ordinary Duplicate Certificates application it will be provided back in 15 days or so on.

If you apply for Duplicate Certificates application on an urgent basis, you will be provided in 7 days.

Please note that Bayan E Halfi (Stamp Paper) minimum Rs. 50/- along with Civil Magistrate also be given this application.

This Bayan E Halfi is very important part of the Duplicate Certificates Application. Here below link you can find the Duplicate Certificates online application form of BISEFSD online services.

  • Affiliation or Extension

Some institutes are not under Govt. territory. They must be affiliated online with bisefsd to participate their candidates as a registered private candidate in BISEFSD board exams.

So, therefore Online Services affiliation has become so much easy by all private institutes.  BISEFSD after completion files provides Institute unique code.

This code is very necessary for Online Registration and Exam Submitting time. BISEFSD also provides a password to institutes. Sometimes when Registered Private Schools do not submit annual extension fees their registration with the board is temporarily blocked by BISEFSD Board.

So, it is necessary to reschedule or extend your affiliation with bisefsd board for the matriculation and intermediate examination procedure. Here below online services link for affiliation BISEFSD.

  • Online Challan Form

It is necessary to submit fees for each case using the challan form. Before online services, BISEFSD manual challan form was used.

It was very complicated for people to fill up and submit fees in UBL Branches. Nowadays manual form is also available in the BISEFSD Board booth UBL Bank branch.

But due to the online services by BISEFSD it has become very easy to get an online challan form and submit your desire fee in UBL Bank.

When you have to click on the below Online Challan Form link you can generate the online challan form easily and print out this challan.

When the Challan form is generated by your online challan number generates and it is very easy for us to use it. Give some detail about your related challan and case, and submit this challan carefully.

  • Rechecking

When you are appearing in the 9th, 10th,11th & 12th exams each year. You need to get more marks to take admission to any best college or universities.

But when your result comes and you get low marks you become very afraid of your result. Please be patient and here below link to recheck your subjects which you find low marks as you desire.

BISEFSD has given an online service to re-check your subjects. You must submit the fee for each recheck subject using the below link.

When you submit rechecking performa you get a date to call from board fsd. After that when you call up for rechecking your desire papers show you to check out if such marks missing or not counting you will be awarded those marks and your fee will get back.

  • Change Subject Or Groups

This online service is for Govt. and affiliated schools or colleges by bisefsd board. From this below link, you must log in to your board code and change your students’ subject and group.

Using this link you have given the 9th registration number to find out related students’ data. After getting his or her data you can change his or her subjects or groups online.

Then take a printout and submit the fee. After submitting fee, a messenger can take this case to bisefsd board office or can courier to the board office for change subjects or group.

  • Documents Verification /Attestation

These days fake documents are not bearable because every organization has to verify documents of Govt. or private servants. Salary of Govt.

Servant yet not issued by department even when departmental document verification procedure not completed.

So, Online Service boy bisefsd has also given you a link to complete the case for Document Verification.

If you want to go abroad for higher education or a work visa you must verify your documents by IBCC Lahore or Islamabad.

So, you can submit online document verification using this link and submit the fee. After submitting the fee sent post documents for verification or attestation.

Online Services BISEFSD Click Here

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