Biggest Twitter Trend Imported Hakumat Namanzoor

Biggest Twitter Trend worldTwitter is the best plate form for social media users. Now It has become the most powerful way to show your capability all over the world.

When we see a week ago former prime minister of Pakistan was taken to home due to some political reasons. After PTI Government, PML (N) took the responsibility for the Government of Pakistan.

PDM selected Mr. Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

But PTI workers and even former Prime Minister of Pakistan and chairman Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf refuse this new Government.

They run a trend on Twitter “Imported Hakumat Namanzoor”. This twitter trend about Imported Hakumat Namanzoor has become the most famous and biggest twitter trend in world history.

Elon Musk has already purchased Twitter and WhatsApp. He share Imported Hakumat Namanzoor” top trend on Twitter meanwhile more than 106,433,419 tweets hit about this trend these days.

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Muhammad Khalid
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