Happy Valentine’s Day SMS Collection 2015Beautiful Valentines Day SMS Collection

Answer Is must On this Valentine’s DaY:

%%%If I reached 4 ur hand , will you hold it ?

%%%If I hold out my arms, will you hug me ?

%%%If I go for ur lips, will you kiss me ?

%%%If I capture ur heart , will you love me ??


Its not your mistake if u can’t read the eyes..

which cheat you..

But its really your mistake ..

if u can’t read the eyes which care 4 u..!!


Lover & friend mein kya difference hai??


Lover: Tumhey kuch huwa to mein zinda nahi rahunga


Friend: Jabtak mein zinda hun tumhey kuch nahi honey dunga..!!


Socha Ap sey baaat karoon..

Phir sOOcha, ek mOlaqaat kaOOn…

Phir soocha, Q na intezaar karOOn…

Phir soocha, Q na eik kaam karOOn…

Ek piyaara sa sms aap keY naam karOOn….!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Girl: can you show ur love with a single sentence??



Funny But a Harsh reality

love is china mobile No warranty”