Bank Alfalah Bike on Installment with Zero Mark Up Apply Online

Bank Alfalah bike installments

Bank Alfalah Bike on Installment with Zero Mark-Up Apply Online

Bank Alfalah has introduced Bank Alfalah SBS Promotion plans at 0% markup with a low processing fee bike on installment.

Now you can purchase Honda CD 70 to Honda CG 125 on installment through Bank Alfalah with zero markups. The 0% markup offer is for 3 months and 6 months in equal installments.

You can pay back to Bank Alfalah for motorcycle installments easily for up to 36 months equally. But up to more than 6 months to 36 months installments of bike you will be charged mark up. 0% markup is for up to 6 months installment.

Bank Alfalah 0% Mark-Up Ratio

Bank Alfalah introduced a 0% Mark-Up Ratio for 3 monthly installments and 6-month installments. It means if you are purchasing a bike in 3 months or 6 months installments through Bank Alfalah, you don’t have to pay an excessive amount. You must have to pay the original price in equal 3 months installments or 6 months installments without any markup.

If you have purchased a bike through Bank Alfalah in Rs 120000/- in 3 monthly installments, you have to pay back to Bank Alfalah in equal installments of 40000 rupees each.

Similarly, if you have purchased a bike through Bank Alfalah for Rs 120000 in 6 monthly installments, you have to pay back Rs 20000 each to Bank Alfalah.

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Bank Alfalah Mark Up More Than 6 Months to 36 Months

If you do have not enough amount to pay back to Bank Alfalah in 3 months to 6 months with a zero % markup. You can avail of 9 months to 36 months easy installment plan for bike purchasing.

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In this regard, you have to pay a little amount as interest or markup to Bank Alfalah. This markup is not similar from the 7th month to the 36th month. You can check out the Bank Alfalah installment plan below in the brochure.

The prices of bikes are going up raised day by day due to the increasing rates of dollars. So, you can check out the latest prices of bikes or other products through Alfa Mall.

Bank Alfalah Bikes on Installments

You can avail of Atlas Honda CD 70 Red/Black, and Atlas Honda 125 Red/Black through Bank Alfalah SBS promotions. Please note that bike prices have been increased by Atlas Honda in February 2024. This plan is for August 2022, so you must have to take access to Alfa Mall for the latest updated bike prices.

Bank alfalah bike installments plan

How to Apply For Bank Alfalah Bike on Installments

If you want to purchase the bike in installments through Bank Alfalah’s easy payment plan. Visit Bank Alfalah your nearest bank branch to avail this offer.

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