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Pakistan Stage Actor Babbu Baral Biography :

Babbu Baral (Ayub Akhtar) was a Pakistani stage actor and comedian active from 1964 – 2011. Baral started his career as a comedian from Gujranwala in 1982. Baral was a mimicry expert and could easily sing in legendary singers’ voices.

Babu Baral famous comedian had been anguish from cancer, hepatitis and kidney sickness, and was being treated at a private hospital in Lahore Punjab Pakistan.

Babu Baral died at the age of 47, leaving behind four children, two daughters and two sons. Baral has done many stage dramas which often made him a sign of comedy. The funny Stage Shartiya Mithay is his one of the most popular stage dramas.Actor Babbu Baral with Nargis


Butt added that Audiences Today attend Point shows to Just See the Dances although Babu was living, folks would return to see his own comedic operation. “Babu’s passing was a massive loss for your whole theater community” She mentioned that the industrial point is already putting up with and to ensure that it to live, theater artists should know from Babu’s acting style. In accordance with her,”there is one Babu Baral.” Goshi Khan, a point show manager and celebrity, also experienced a couple of words to convey about Babu. “I worked alot with Babu and theater halls were consistently crowded whenever he had been acting.


Industrial period was at its summit during this moment.” Khan said Babu played in various cities of Pakistan and globally, adding a massive multitude of people came to see that the magical he generated stage. “I ask the government to observe fantastic actors as well as their passing friendships by organising event since these individuals are heroes to the nation.” Babu started his career from Gujranwala at 1982. His enthusiasm for theater Brought him Lahore and the celebrity was soon on a roster. He had been at the summit of the livelihood if he fell ill this season.Babbu Baral With Nawaz Sharif Download

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Talking about that, Rahi painfully voiced,”it is a catastrophe that Babu’s past day or two of live were painful. He died in poverty also that I feel that performers such as himgive their own life to public attention, ought to be recognised and acknowledged.” Of time that’s an advantage to the foundation of theater.” Because of His disease and Stricken with poverty, and Babu passed off at age 4-7


Babu Baral Profile:

  • Real Name:  Ayub Akhtar
  • Nick Name: Babu Baral
  • Born: 1964
  • Birth Area:Ghakhar Mandi, Pakistan
  • Died on: 16 April 2011 (aged 47) Lahore, Pakistan
  • Occupation: Funny Stage Drama Actor, comedian
  • Years active: 1982–2011
  • Children: Tabeer baral Babbu Baral Photos downlaod


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Babbu Baral Funeral Image Babbu Baral Daughter Babbu Baral Qawali Images Babbu Baral Photos of song Singing Pakistani actor Babbu Baral in Hospital images Babbu Baral Drama

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