How to Log in AIOU Aagahi LMS Portal and Method to Use It

How to reset password aaghi lms portal

(AIOU Islamabad): AIOU is the biggest distance learning at the University of Asia. Every year a large number of students are completing their respective degrees from this university. AIOU has given a good step to make a decision that students can avail facility “PAPERLESS TECHNOLOGY”. Before that students use paperwork and submit assignments to the AIOU tutor address by post. But taking a good step about AIOU Aagahi LMS Portal it has become very easy to take a degree and submit your assignments online by using this Portal.

What is Aagahi LMS Portal

AIOU has created a link for students to get each information about their admission confirmation, admission process, books code choosing, result, assignment submission, tutor information, roll number slips, also book dispatching information, and workshop information.

How to Log in AIOU Aagahi LMS Portal

  • Please Open AIOU website
  • Check out Aaghi LMS and click on it
  • Enter your User Name and Password to log in
  • Your User name is likely
  • Then add your submitted fee challan Number as a password

How to Use Aagahi LMS Portal

How to Upload Assignments on Aagahi LMS Portal

After logging in to your Aagahi LMS Portal you see your dashboard.

Please make sure that you have completed your assignment, and then upload these assignments on the LMS Portal dashboard.

How to Reset User and Password Aagahi LMS Portal

If you forget your Aagahi LMS user and password. Please don’t worry AIOU is offering you get reset password by your email address. If you have forgotten your password of aiou Aagahi LMS portal. Please click on reset password and provide your registered email address.

The reset option will be available at your email address.

If you are still facing a problem with your user/password issue please check out your regional office and contact them to resolve any problem.

AIOU login tutor

The University is upgrading to modern technology and making many changes to its educational programs. They have introduced new things like Aghai LMS, submitting assignments online, attending workshops online, applying for courses online and also the admission process online.

The University used to conduct workshops in person and give exams on paper, but they don’t do that anymore. They have made all their programs up-to-date with modern technology. login workshop

AIOU has introduced a new system called Learning Management System to help students learn better. Each student has their own account to access it.

The university has given each student a special username and password to log in. Once you log in, you can attend workshops and find out when they will take place, how long they will last, how many people will be there, what course they are for and who will be leading them.

The workshops are really important, so make sure you download the schedule early. If you don’t, you might miss them and then you’ll have to do them all over again.

To avoid missing out, go to the right place where you can easily find and download your complete AIOU workshop schedule for 2023.

Aaghi LMS Portal Result – Online workshop AIOU

Aaghi LMS Portal is an innovative online learning platform that has been introduced by the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU). The portal provides a range of resources and tools that enable students to engage in online learning activities, access course materials, attend workshops, and monitor their academic progress.

To access the Aaghi LMS Portal, students must first log in to their account using their unique aiou lms login credentials.

The Aaghi LMS Portal is an essential tool for students enrolled in AIOU courses as it allows them to access the aiou portal from anywhere and at any time.

The portal provides a variety of features that enable students to interact with their teachers, classmates, and academic advisors. Students can also view their workshop schedule on the login workshop page and keep track of their attendance.

AIOU Workshop 2023 Schedule by

One of the key benefits of the AIOU Aagahi LMS Portal is the online workshop AIOU feature.

Through AIOU Workshop 2023 Schedule by feature, students can participate in workshops conducted by their teachers and other experts. The workshops cover a range of topics and provide students with an opportunity to learn new skills and concepts.

The aaghi lms portal workshop schedule enables students to plan their schedules accordingly and ensure that they do not miss any workshops.

In addition to providing access to workshops, the Aaghi LMS Portal also allows students to view their aaghi lms Portal results. This feature enables students to track their academic progress, view their grades, and monitor their performance. The portal also provides access to the cms portal aiou, which is a valuable resource for students who need assistance with academic or administrative issues.

Overall, the Aaghi LMS Portal is an essential tool for students enrolled in AIOU courses as it provides them with a range of resources and tools that enable them to succeed in their academic pursuits.


Aaghi LMS Portal

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