ACR Certificate Regarding Less Than Three Months

less than 3 months certificate downloadACR or PER is written by reporting officers for each year of employees under their jurisdictions. Annual Confidential Report or ACR is very important for a servant to promote to the next scale.

Certificate regarding Less Than Three Months

 Govt. of the Punjab education department is going to digitalize the ACR for the last 5 years (2016 to 2020).

Teachers who are working under Punjab Govt. will provide countersigned ACR photocopies to the HRMS department for scanning.

ACR certificate less than 3 month

After scanning there will be no need to provide again ACRS/PERS for the next time promotion.

If a Govt. For servants having a period of fewer than three months, there will be no need to write ACR. The teacher will provide a Certificate for Less Than Three Months.

HEC News team is providing a Certificate for Less Than Three Months. This certificate is in ms word format. You can easily edit and just print it out. You don’t need to set up a margin for print. Less Than 3 Month Certificate ACR Download Online MS Word

Less Than Three Months Certificate

Certificate for Less Than 3 Months


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