A River in Flood Essay in English Class 10th & 12th Complete Download

A River in Flood essayA River in Flood Essay in English Class 10th & 12th Complete Download

Floods are very common in Pakistan. They usually occur during the moon and soon rainy days.

Due to heavy rains on hills the rivers are in space. A river in flood is a source of trouble for all in Pakistan.

People of Pakistan face heavy property, animals, and human loss every year due to river in floods. Due to heavy rains in this Country, all rivers overflowed their banks and flooded low laying areas.

This year River in Flood caused a heavy loss of life, property, crop (vegetables/fruits), etc, and also humans. More than 1300 people were killed and millions of people remained homeless and they are in the open air without any shelter. Flood affects more than33 a million people in Pakistan in Balochistan, South Punjab, Sindh, and KPK province.

A River in Flood Essay in English

At Food Area Rescue Teams

Rescue teams come to flood-affected areas after flood warnings. They protect people and they send people to safe places. Other people also help their flood-affected people during this adversity.

How to Protect From Flood

Government should build more dams in Pakistan to save water from floods. If we save flood water and generate electricity, we can protect our lives from floods every year.

In this way, Govt. of Pakistan should build new dams to prevent flood losses in the future.

When water reduced their level, the people returned to the backs of their homes.

But unfortunately “A River in Flood” finished everything in their villages. There was a great loss of life and property.

A River in Flood Essay in English Download

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