23 March Resolution Day 1940 HD Wallpapers 2024 Download

23 March Resolution Day 1940 HD Wallpapers

History of 23rd March 1940

We are celebrating 23rd March 2024 as Resolution Day this year. But behind this, our grandfathers made huge sacrifices to provide us with a separate land (Pakistan).

This is not a fake story because we offer to listen that our grandfathers and mothers paid a huge loss for separate land.

We celebrate 23rd March each year as Youm E Pakistan day. 23rd March 1940 was the day when Pakistan Resolution was passed in Minar E Pakistan Lahore.

23rd March has great importance and significance concerning the Pakistani people. Pakistan has a long struggle history. Our leaders paid huge sacrifices of wealth, lives, health, etc for Pakistan.

Pakistan is the name of pride and pleasure and Minar E Pakistan is a memorable place where Resolution passed for a separate Country in the subcontinent.

23rd March Celebration Day

This day has so many remembrances and commemorations because on this day Muslims decided to accept a separate place in Pakistan and divided nation and state on 23rd March 1940.

23rd March each year Pakistan day is celebrated with memorizing. On this day all Pakistanis are happy and show their happiness by celebrating 23rd March as Youm  E Pakistan day in different ways.

Pakistan’s Forces also celebrate this 23rd March every year on Shakarparian Ground Islamabad to show their atomic and weapon powers to the world.

The 23rd March parade shows unity, dignity, and prosperity to the world that we are one nation and nobody can touch us because we have a strong Army also. We are 1st Muslim country that has Atomic power.

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23rd March Youm E Pakistan Wallpapers

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